SOSW Konin

Specjalny Ośrodek Szkolno-Wychowawczy im. Janusza Korczaka w Koninie
ul. Kaliska 19
62-500 Konin
63 242-91-61


“ Let children become who they are able to become”
                                                                                                                            Janusz Korczak

Welcome to our website 

The Janusz Korczak Special School in Konin is an institution located in the old part of the town.

We educate children and the youth with different level of mental handicap: mild, moderate, considerable and severe also with autism and multiple disabilities.

Our staff in their educational and upbringing process are motivated by principles created by our school’s patron – Janusz Korczak. One of the most important is: “ Do not force a child to activity but let it be active. Do not tell to think but create conditions to thinking. Do not demand but convince. Let a child ask and develop its brain slowly so as to make a child to know by itself.”
Our school consists of:

  • Primary school,
  • Gimnazjum ( Grammar school ),
  • Vocational school – where the youth are educated in the following jobs: a dressmaker, an upholsterer, a farmer, a cook, a baker, a confectioner, a mechanic, a car tinsmith, a plumber and a bricklayer,
  • Job-specific school ( it means – preparing for work school which create skills of household worker- for pupils with moderate and cosiderate mental handicap),
  • Rehabilitation – educative groups,
  • Upbringing groups ( in the boarding establishment ),
  • Day-care room.

All pupils have the opportunity to be given full or half board in our school canteen.
Our school gives:

  • a day and night care, conditions to learning, upbringing and relaxing,
  • pedagogical and psychological support,
  • a speech therapist help,
  • a nurse care.

The attractiveness and effectiveness of our education is raised by fact of having modern educatinal aids which satisfy European standards.
Decreasing of growth deficits and educational difficulties is given during classes such as:

  • Tomatis speech therapy,
  • EEG Biofeedback training,
  • improving of alternative communication,
  • polisensory therapy in the “ World experience room”,
  • corrective and compensational gymnastics,
  • reading classes in The Internet Centre of Multimedia Information,
  • dogotherapy and hipotherapy,
  • lessons in modern computer classrooms.

Our school is vibrant with supplementary life.

Pupils participate in:

  • sports activities ( badminton, bocce, bowling, indoor hockey, horse riding, fast roller-skating, athletics, downhill skiing, football, swimming, table tennis) and artistic classes winning medals and awards at an international, nationwide, regional and municipal level,
  • didactic and therapeutic outings; classes of  so called  “white” and “green”  school (in winter and summer) across the country,
  • work of  The 36-th Scout Team of Juveniles’ Unbroken Track,
  • own newspaper edition “ The youth voice”,
  • Associations’ work: Regional Department of Special Olympics Wielkopolskie-Konin, Polish Social-Sports Company “Sprawni Razem” and “Razem Damy Radę”
  • nationwide and municipal charitable actions ( “Wielka Orkiestra Świątecznej Pomocy”, “Góra Grosza”, food collection for The Konin Food Bank, money collection for Konin hospice),
  • life of local community (systematic cooperation with many institutions, an active participation in events within the town limits, voluntary service, taking care of national memory places).

The aim of our work – thanks to much help of parents, friends, backers and institutions working in support of the handicapped – is to prepare comprehensively young people for the most independent and active living in a society.
We give our pupils these values according to which we behave ourselves.
We wish them to be safe, happy and surrounded by kindness.


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